Project: crisis situation management

Client: Green Caffè Nero

In 2018 a number of food poisoning cases were reported by customers of the Green Caffè Nero coffee shop chain. Many of the affected persons were hospitalized and it soon turned out that the reported symptoms were the effect of salmonella poisoning.

We immediately provided support to our client, offering a quick response to the situation with a clear statement to the media and customers. We analysed media reports and social media comments, developed a statement, including a video clip posted on Facebook, we took control over queries from  third parties, we took reactive and proactive actions, while continuously monitoring the situation and providing ongoing advisory support . A personal approach to those affected by the poisoning and the direct engagement of the CEO in the response activities resulted in positive comments from both customers and independent portals monitoring the activities of Green Caffè Nero.


  • Strategic consultancy
  • Crisis communications
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations
  • Situational monitoring
  • Video production