Project: corporate communications

Client: Dobroplast

Questia offered communications consultancy services during the acquisition process of Dobroplast by AFG. The objective was to ensure a positive response of the new owner by some 1,500 staff of the plant. Our collaboration with the client included communications prior to the signing of the acquisition agreement, the announcement of the deal to all stakeholders, including the staff, local authorities, distributors, sales associates, and the media; all this was followed by a post-acquisition stage and the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Lublin.

The effects included a warm reception of the new owner by the staff during the first meeting following the acquisition of the business in Zambrów. Positive media stories were published in the local, regional and business media.


  • Warm reception of new owner by staff during the first meeting following the acquisition
  • Favourable coverage in local, regional and business media


  • M&A communications
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations
  • Local community relations
  • Events
  • Issues management
  • Training