CSRevolution – How changes to CSR rules could affect your business

We wrote this article for readers of the BizPoland magazine
https://issuu.com/biznespolska/docs/bizpolandmag_julyaug2016_final) available on Page 27 and thought it was so useful, we’d ensure our blog readers saw it too. Many thanks to the BizPoland team.
The 1st of January is always usually a quiet day for most businesspeople as they recover from the night before. The start of 2017, though, will see Polish businesspeople thinking about new, stretching EU regulations that might cause them even more of a headache if they haven’t properly prepared. Does this affect your business and – even if it doesn’t – have you considered how corporate social responsibility can affect your bottom line?
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Why you should work with influencers (and how to do it)?

Dorota, whose role in Questia includes working with influencers, will tell you why it is important to involve them in your campaigns and what are the benefits for your company. czytaj dalej

15 Tips to Improve your Email Marketing

You’ve Got Mail

We immediately got great feedback on our email series with Questia, MMG’s Marketing and Communications Manager Karolina Żelazek told us. It’s allowed us to quickly reach people and let them know about some of the exciting projects we have right now and clients have told us they really appreciate the material Questia has created. We’ve been able to see who’s engaging with our content and that has given us real business insight.
Despite all the focus on social media, companies that communicate well know that email is still the most powerful communications channel (short of a face to face meeting). 
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