Who we are

Questia is a team of experienced and creative professionals specializing in integrated communications. For over 20 years we have been offering our clients innovative and effective communications tools and solutions that ensure the protection of their reputation and image. Over the years we have gained the trust of over 100 brands and companies.

Working under strategic and long-term partnerships we help our clients build and maintain lasting relationships with their target audiences, in order to drive an effective dialogue. We are not sitting still – we continue to track trends and quickly adapt to changes in order to offer clients bespoke solutions, meeting their individual needs and expectations. We listen to what our clients are saying, but we never forget to also listen to what their customers and buyers are saying, which allows us to maintain an effective narrative.

We develop effective strategies and implement communications programmes, and we track the performance of our activities. When talking to our clients we openly advise on programmes that will work for them, while also analyse the costs of such activities and recommend only those which we believe have the greatest potential. We are open to challenges, and client satisfaction comes first, and this is why we always deliver.

We have successfully supported clients from the following sectors and industries: real estate, finance, FMCG, foodstuffs, trade, design, heavy industry, healthcare, and pharma.

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Founder and CEO

Hanna Dymek-Jara

Hanna has been a prominent figure of the Polish Public Relations scene for over 25 years. Together with the Questia team, she has developed and supervised various multi-channel campaigns for different sectors, including FMCG, pharmaceutical, real estate, financial and BPO/SCC. Hanna is passionate about helping her clients stay at the top of their game. She likes challenges and new, complex business topics.

After hours: enjoys going to the opera and visiting antique fairs, reading interior design magazines, long walks with family, and cooking.